Piracy, the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

August 23, 2009

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Well, I think the book has hit the big time because I randomly stumbled on not one, not two, but four separate places where people had uploaded my book to some of the grey matter (both kinds) sharing sites. In particular, there’s a Thai-speaking user whose been very busy being naughty. At least one site I found had a very pretty web gui for downloading the book. And while I admire the pluck of people who work that hard to make it easy for other people to engage in less than savory activities, it still leaves me feeling a little uneasy and perhaps a bit sad.

I’ve ready my fair share of articles about how “illegal” distribution can have all sorts of positive effects on book sales and other promotional activity which is why I’m not advocating the villagers grab their pitchforks and smokey torches and join me in storming these sites to demand justice. But you won’t find me giving my blessing any time soon.

If you happened to have stumbled upon this site through a chain of events related to one of these ehemm, distribution points, I’d ask two things:

  • Enjoy the book. There’s a Yiddish phrase that roughly translates to “If you are going to do something wrong, at least enjoy it.” I didn’t write the book for the money, I wrote it so people could learn from it and take a little pleasure reading it. (though the small royalty check is kind of nice too).
  • Keep karma neutral. You don’t even have to right things by me by buying a copy of my book or attending one of my classes. Just go do something giving to offset the taking. It will make you, me and the person you give to happier.


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