Seeking SRE, DevOps and SRE Contribution


Dear reader, thanks so much for coming to this page and being willing to contribute to my book.

Here’s the background: I’m in the process of editing/curating a book on Site Reliability Engineering for O’Reilly called Seeking SRE: Conversations on Running Production Systems at Scale. It is due to come out ~June 2018.

One of the topics I continue to wrestle with is the relationship between DevOps and SRE. I’ve talked to lots of smart people about this and heard lots of smart answers. As far as I can tell, this is still an unsettled question.

And that’s where you, dear reader come in. The most important word in the book’s title is Conversations. I would like to include a crowd sourced chapter in which smart people like you address this subject. I think it is an important conversation that needs to be in the book.

The Question

In two paragraphs or less, what do you think is the relationship is between DevOps and SRE? How are they similar? How are they different? Can both be implemented at every organization? Can the two exist in the same org at the same time? And so on…

I, and the rest of the book’s readers, want to hear what you think.


  • Q: Will every contribution make it into the book?
    A: Sorry, no.
  • Q: What language/form does the contribution have to be in?
    A: Because of my limitations, please provide your contribution in English only. That being said, I’m fine with poetic forms, haikus, etc. If you want to provide a contribution either entirely made up of a graphic or including a graphic, say so and I’ll be in touch to see if we can work it out.
  • Q: I know someone else with an opinion about this topic, can I forward this to them?
    A:You bet, the more the merrier.
  • Q: Will I get paid for my two paragraphs?
    A: Sorry, no, but if you provide a postal address I will gladly mail you a cookie or another token of my appreciation. You will get your name in an O’Reilly book, though!
  • Q: What happens after I submit my two paragraphs?
    A: If your contribution will be used for the book, I will combine it with the other accepted contributions (in the order that seems to make the most sense to me) and then submit the chapter for copyediting (fix typos, etc.).
  • Q:Do I have to “sign” the contributor’s agreement to be including in the book?
    A:As far as I know, yes. That’s the text provided to me by O’Reilly’s legal beagle. If you’d like to talk to that person about the agreement, let me know and I can try to arrange it.